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Our latest product: Children's Personalised Make Your Own Bracelet Kit.

Personalise with any name or word. A variety of colour schemes are available for both boys and girls. The perfect activity to help with recognising and spelling your child's name and also fine motor skills, this is sure to keep them occupied and the perfect little keepsake that they made themselves. The kit includes enough beads to make on/two bracelets 1x with any name or word of your choice, with some beads leftover to create another plain bracelet, and is available for ages 3-10 years of age. 



1x set of beads to make one/two bracelets in a colour scheme of your choice, with one or word name bracelet included. 

Approx 30cm of string 

Colourful Charms 


Please note the beads are a choking hazard so children should be monitored at all times when making bracelets or wearing them, and the kit is suitable for ages 3+. 

Children's Personalised Make Your Own Bracelet Kit

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