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It is really important that you take the time to follow the aftercare advice provided to ensure that you get the best possible lifespan from your bracelets! Once purchased, it is your responsibility to ensure you follow the aftercare advice.


Despite all of my best efforts to ensure that the products I source to create your bracelets are the best, and finest quality, with the incorrect aftercare, they can become damaged, and tarnished a lot easier/quicker. Please be aware that over the course of time, discolouration may occur with the bracelet crystals, lettering, charms or any of the beads, this is due to general wear and tear and the acidity of your skin. Some tarnishing, and imperfections are to be expected over time. However there is a lot that we can do to boost the life of our bracelets and ensure the best possible lifespan. 

 - When you are not wearing your jewellery, it should be stored in a jewellery box, or wrapped in tissue paper to maintain its look and avoid tarnishing. Please ensure you keep any jewellery purchased from Luna Bleu Beads separate to other pieces of jewellery to avoid tarnishing, ie do not put on top of other pieces of jewellery or close beside.

- Avoid contact with water at all times - this is very important! Do not submerge your bracelets in water, or wear while showering, swimming, washing the pots etc. This can break down the elastic, cause discolouration and tarnishing.

- When applying or removing bracelets to you wrist, apply in a rolling motion, rather than stretching the elastic over your wrist. Roll until it is in the right/comfortable place. A demonstration of this can be found on my Instagram here, on the highlight 'Aftercare'. This will prevent any breakages or harsh pulling of the elastic. 

- Remove bracelets before showering, bathing, exercising, swimming, or sleeping. 

- Do not allow bracelet to come into contact with perfume.

- Remove bracelet before applying cosmetic products including, but not limited to - fake tan, sun cream etc.

- Do not wear your bracelet while sunbathing or using sun-beds.

- Avoid excessive exposure to the sun.

If you have any questions on aftercare please contact me. If in the unlikelihood a bracelet is damaged/faulty upon arrival please contact me immediately after you receive it. No replacements, or refunds will be given under any circumstances if the incorrect aftercare has been followed or if I believe aftercare hasn't been followed after discussions with you. 

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