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My latest design, available in silver & gold plated beads and lettering, a bespoke blend of Rose Pink quartz, and Citrine Quartz. Rose Pink is known as the crystal of love, they bring self love, healing of the heart, promote love in its highest form ,love and trust in all areas and relationships as well as positive energy. Citrine Quartz attracts prosperity, balances your emotions, brings wealth and a clear mind. It elevates your self esteem and self worth. Available in either silver plated or 24k gold plated beads, this is the most beautiful stack and blend and can be suited to silver or gold lovers. Any name, word, letters, or numbers can be added to these bracelets or they can be plain (please note numbers are only available in gold). Perfected with a beautiful white clover charm, a blend of pinks, neutrals and whites, this stack is sure to match everything beautifully. X2 bracelets included. If you would like to purchase these separately, please message me on Instagram or purchase separately through the shop. Any issues please contact me.

Pink Lemonade Stack

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